Protecting Your Mental Health as a Developer

Protecting Your Mental Health as a Developer

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Divine Orji
·Jul 4, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Understand yourself
  • Plan ahead
  • Have a schedule
  • Take breaks
  • Guard your heart
  • Conclusion
  • Resources


Being a developer often feels like riding a roller coaster. Some days you’re high and ecstatic; others, you’re at your lowest point - rock bottom. Here are five tips that help me protect my mental health while riding this tech roller coaster.

Understand yourself

understand-yourself.png Everybody is different, so what works for some of your peers might not work for you. Understand how your body works, when and how you’re most efficient, then optimize for it.

Plan ahead

plan-ahead.jpg Whether you’re working on a large or a small side-project, planning ahead can help you organize the right tools you need to get the job done, boosting your productivity and improving your mental health.

Have a schedule

have-a-schedule.jpg While working on an exciting project, it is often easy to spend long hours and forget that the world exists. But this kind of dedication can lead to burnout. Having a schedule helps moderate the hours spent on a project, so you can avoid burnout.

Take breaks

take-breaks.jpg Go for a walk, get good sleep, hang out with friends, and do non-tech stuff. There’s more to life than work, and you’ll feel happier/more fulfilled when you explore these other aspects.

Guard your heart

guard-your-heart.jpg It is easy to fall into episodes of self-doubt, especially when you feel like you’re not performing at peak productivity levels. This is known as “Imposter Syndrome.” In moments like this, it helps to meditate, reflect on how far you’ve come, and understand that it’s a marathon, not a race.


Good mental health is essential to physical health, and maintaining a good work-life balance will go a long way to protect your mental health. Did you enjoy this article? Please share how you protect your mental health as a developer 👇


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